The Piadrem PT-1000/50 transports loose materials, particularly extracted materials in subterranean mining operations in methane and non-methane fields in headings with “a”, “b” and ”c” hazard classifications for methane ignition, and A, B and C for coal dust ignition.

Usage conditions

Transported material excavated material
Trough angle o 30
Belt speed m/s 1,5 | 1,8 | 2,4
Conveyor adapted to operate at an incline of o from -16 to +16
Basic motor power kW 1×55
Maximum conveyor length m 180
Acoustic pressure level A – 1m from the side of the motor 1.8m above the substrate dBa Max.85

The Piadrem PT-1000/50 conveyor belt consists of the following units:

  • Drive unit,
  • Boom,
  • Bearing structure (conveyor route),
  • Rollers
  • Turning station