The SCN 250-400/VALENT early load bearing friction props we offer are individual elements of the mine’s roof structure. They can form a roof structure by themselves, or be used as reinforcements for another type of roof.

The SCN 250-400/VALENT prop is for use:

  • as a reinforcement for gallery works,
  • in walls run with the use of liquid proppant – without limits,
  • as elements of the basic wall structure – rectangular steel in tunnel works in a seam underworking system from a gateway,
  • in longwall works with caving with an individual roof structure, where the average wall height does not exceed 2.5m,
  • in seams prone to rock burst,
  • in wall cavities with mechanised roof support whose height does not
    exceed 3 m.


Our offer includes 18 sizes of this type of prop, with heights when extended ranging from 710 mm to 4,500 mm.