Centrally powered hydraulic props of types SHC-40NZ, SHC-40Z, SHC WP are individual elements of mining roof props, designed to hold up the roof structure in longwall works which have been exploited to the point of collapse. These operate in a central feeding system using 3-5%, 2-3%, 05 -1.5% or 0.3-0.5% oil/water emulsion with a feeding pressure of 16÷32 MPa.

SHC centrally fed hydraulic props are widely used in underground mining as an element of the roof structure in backfilling and longwall works with caving, at the intersection of the wall with the gallery, and in auxiliary and rescue work.

The range of props covers all thicknesses of coal seams mined.

  • SHC NZ hydraulic props for low seams,
  • SHC 40 Z hydraulic props for medium seams,
  • SHC 40 WP hydraulic props for tall seams,

Hydraulic props fitted with BZS, SHZ and ACH valve sets vary in the amount and speed of liquid outflow while the props are being drawn once the permissible load is exceeded. The SHC props offered can be fitted with an extension of various lengths, which increases its range of work.