The gun is designed to supply a hydraulic medium to SHC-type hydraulic props with a central supply system, fitted with valve banks type SHZ, BSZ or BSU, used in individual mining props. The P-GB type supply gun is used to supply the working medium to the SHC prop to sprag it. To connect the gun to the supply system, you need to make a hydraulic connection of one end of the high-pressure line to the coupler of any cut-off valve, while its other end to the coupler of the gun.

Technical specification

Technical parameters of P-GB type feeder gun

Parameter Unit Value
Supply pressure MPa 16 – 32
Supply connection method —– STECKO DN 8/10 sockets
Nominal diameter of supply line —– DN 10
Operating temperature range 0C 0 – +60
Maximum permissible relative humidity of air % 100
Hydraulic medium —- POLIKOL-based 2÷3% emulsion
Permissible temperature of medium 0C +5 – +50
Weight kg 2,12