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Production of actuators

Production and repair of hydraulic cylinders

We provide comprehensive repair services for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders of various types and sizes for the entire industry. In addition, we produce new actuators according to the documentation provided by the customer or on the basis of the received pattern.

What are actuators?

The definition defines an actuator as an actuator in which the energy of the working medium is converted into mechanical energy of a translational, angular or curvilinear motion, called a stroke. The actuators are widely used in all branches of industry, being installed in machines and devices of all types.

When is an actuator needed to be overhauled?

The actuators can be divided into hydraulic, pneumatic and electric. All of them work in a similar way, but the source of the working medium is different. Depending on the size, construction, materials used as well as the conditions and intensity of use, actuators can have very different service lives. A symptom indicating the need for repair is their uneven operation, leaking fluids, disturbing sounds heard during the operation of the actuator, or complete or gradual loss of efficiency. In many cases, actuators can be rebuilt by replacing worn parts with new ones. If they are not available on the market, we are able to add them in our own workshops.

Production of actuators from A to Z

The renovation of various types of machines can be unpredictable and create new challenges for us. One of the biggest problems is the lack of spare parts on the market, including actuators. What in this case? In order to restore the device for further operation, we are able to produce the necessary actuator under a specific order. This difficult task is possible thanks to our own production facilities, which include modern machining equipment, as well as a well-trained team of engineers and operators with extensive experience. We use the most durable types of steel for the production of actuators.

Are You Not Yet Determined?

Call and ask for details

How to use our help in the renovation or production of actuators

Did the actuators in your machine fail? Are you looking for a company that will diagnose a fault and repair it or provide a new actuator? So far, it has not been possible to find a company that would undertake this task? If so, please feel free to contact us.

Send the information

Please tell us about the cylinder or machine in which it is installed. It can be the name and model of the device, a photo of the nameplate, a scan of the technical documentation or a photo of the machine.

Check our offer

We will prepare an offer for you, including the repair or production of a new actuator, along with detailed terms of cooperation and execution of the order. After its approval, we will prepare a contract for renovation.

Order execution

When the contract for the renovation of the actuators is signed, we start work. We operate comprehensively, offering e.g. disassembly of a damaged actuator, its transport and many other additional services.

Why is it worth trusting us

Piadrem is a company with a rich and long history of activity. So far, we have completed hundreds of renovations for customers from all areas of industry - from mining, through construction, to agriculture and production. Such extensive experience allows us to carry out any renovation, even of the rarest machines, including those manufactured to individual order. By focusing on the continuous development of the company and its employees, we systematically improve our technology park with modern devices that guarantee the highest precision.

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