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Production of mining equipment

Production of mining equipment

Mining in Poland is a very strong branch of industry. Experienced miners and machines and devices that are kept in full working order are responsible for the maintenance of operations in the mines. Our company has been dealing with their renovation and designing new ones for many years. We have our own design team composed of talented and experienced engineers who approach each issue carefully, creatively and with great commitment.

Piadrem is its own design office

We have our own design office that designs mining machinery and equipment using the latest technologies and modern CAD software with the extension to the latest versions. We provide comprehensive services, from design to execution, mainly in the field of devices such as belt conveyors and hydraulic or friction stands, depending on the client's requirements. We carry out projects based on entrusted projects.

We overhaul and manufacture the following machines

  • Belt conveyors
    Belt conveyors are designed for haulage of excavated material from pavement coal, stone and coal and horizontal stone workings, on rise and fall, and on the surface. The compact structure of the drive and other subassemblies allows for the installation of the conveyor in face, under-panel and collective hauling galleries. The task of the conveyor is to transport loose materials on a belt continuously. At the beginning of the device, in the area of ​​the return station, continuous loading takes place (with another conveyor), and at the end, in the area of ​​the boom, it is continuously unloaded to another conveyor or to the tank.
  • Steel structures
    We provide services in the field of renovation and delivery of welded steel structures for the mining, construction and machine industries, as well as aggregate processing plants (cement plants, crushing plants, etc.). For the production of structures, we use basic and high-strength materials. The plant produces approximately 100 tons of ready-made constructions from the above-mentioned range per month. We strive to provide products and services of the highest quality, reliably and on time, which is confirmed by references obtained from investors. We have the following qualifications and certificates: PN-EN ISO3834-2 and EN 1090-1. Quality control is carried out at every stage of production by qualified staff.
  • Valve faucets
    Valve faucets are part of the hydraulic stand and are designed to control the operation of these stands. These racks are used in an individual mining support. The batteries are used for robbing, expanding and securing the stand against overload. All elements of this battery are made on numerical machine tools, which allows for high accuracy of performance and perfect reproduction of details. Each battery is tested for leakage and operation of individual valves at a pressure testing station. We use galvanic coatings or galvanizing to protect the valve battery against corrosion.
  • Hydraulic stands
    Centrally supplied hydraulic props are supplied with individual elements of the mining support, intended for supporting the ceiling in longwall headings operated during a fall. Centrally powered hydraulic props are widely used in underground mining as an element of a casing in caving and backfilling walls, when building the intersection of the wall with the pavement, as well as in auxiliary works and rescue services. Alternatively, hydraulic props are equipped with BZS, SHZ, ACH valve batteries that differ in the amount and speed of liquid outflow during robbery when the permissible load is exceeded.
  • Friction stands
    We manufacture and repair immediate support friction props, which are individual elements of the mining support. They can form a housing on their own or be used as reinforcement elements for other types of housings. Friction stands are used as reinforcement of headings, in walls run with the use of liquid filling - without restrictions, as elements of the main - steel rectangular support in the corridor workings made in the landing system from the exploitation pavement, in caving walls with individual support, the height of which does not exceed on average in the wall 2.5 m and many others.

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What is our advantage over the competition?

  • Own sandpit for the purification of metals
  • A device for spray metallization
  • Balancing machine for balancing rotors and shafts
  • We have 4 fully equipped production halls
  • Numerous welding stations
  • Numerous semi-automatic welding machines, gas burners and welding machines
  • Rich machining park
  • Own transport base, forklifts and overhead cranes

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We are a producer of VALENT friction support props, SHC hydraulic props and belt conveyors for the mining industry.

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