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Production of steel structures

We manufacture various types of steel structures, tanks also made of stainless steel, steel molds, chutes, chutes, belt feeders, bucket conveyors and other elements of steel structures based on a drawing or a pattern.

We have an extensive machine park (plasma burner, CNC machines, lathes, milling machines, welding machines, band saws and grinders), thanks to which we are able to undertake even the most complex tasks.

Who and what do you need steel structures for?

Steel is one of the most durable materials in the world, which makes it perfect for various constructions. From bridges and building skeletons, through vehicle and machine structures, to hall equipment elements. At Piadrem, you can order all the necessary steel structures by providing us with their ready technical documentation or by commissioning its development together with the project. Our clients are companies from all over the country and Europe, operating in the mining, industrial, production, logistics and agriculture sectors. Choosing us as a steel construction contractor, they rely on many years of experience and full professionalism.

What steel structures do we produce?

We are able to make any type of steel structure, regardless of the size, form, shape and grade of steel. Nevertheless, below we list the types of structures that are most often ordered from us.

  • Steel structures
    We make the necessary steel structures for machines, devices, accessories, as well as on the basis of patterns or drawings provided to us.
  • Steel tanks
    Steel tanks of various capacities for various purposes - including firefighting, for the food and industrial sectors. We also manufacture stainless steel tanks.
  • Steel forms
    Steel molds of various sizes for injection molding machines, construction and production industries, and for individual orders. We manufacture molds from deformation-resistant steel grades.
  • Chutes and chutes
    Structures designed to safely lower objects from top to bottom using the force of gravity.
  • Belt and bucket conveyors
    Constructions of this type support production and warehouse processes, being responsible for the smooth transport of products.
  • Other structures
    We are open to all orders and we are not afraid of difficult challenges, facing the most difficult projects.

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How are steel structures manufactured?

For the execution of steel structures, we use appropriate types of steel, characterized by the required strength. The production of this type of structure requires professional tools with which our machine park is equipped. We also provide our structures with high resistance to corrosion and chemical agents. Elements of steel structures can be galvanized, galvanized and powder coated in any color. Technical and structural designs are needed to create each structure. They can be provided by the customer, and if they are not available or they are proprietary designs, our engineering team can prepare them.

The extensive machinery park consists of reliable steel structures

Structures ordered from us very often have to meet stringent standards and be made with remarkable precision and dimensional accuracy. To make it possible, we are constantly developing our machinery. At the moment you can find the following devices in it.

Plasma burner

A device that allows you to burn any shapes and elements in steel

CNC machines

Numerically controlled machining equipment

Lathes and milling machines

Manually operated machining equipment.

Welders, saws, grinders

Other devices necessary in the process of processing and joining steel.


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