The B1000 conveyor belt is intended to remove extracted materials from drift coal headings – horizontally, lift and slope, and on the surface. The compact construction of the motor and other subassemblies means the conveyor can be assembled at front holding gates, bottom gates and collection gates.

The task of the conveyor is the continuous transport of loose materials on the belt. Continuous loading takes place from another conveyor device at the start of the machine, near the turning station, while continuous unloading onto another conveyor or into a container takes place at the end, near the boom.

The conveyor consists of the following basic units:

  • Boom
  • Motor
  • Winch
  • Belt storage unit
  • Conveyor route
  • Turning station
  • Runway
  • Elements of conveyor structure
  • Conveyor belt
  • Fire protection
  • Electrical equipment and control acc. to separate Instructions

General parameters of conveyor:

Transported material coal
Density of transported material 0,85÷1,2Mg / m2
 Ambient temperature  10 – 40oC
 Temperature of material  max 40oC
 Max. grain size 250x250x250mm
 Trough angle  30o
Belt width  1000 mm
 Maximum belt speed  4,0m/s lub 2,5m/s for human rides
Maximum number of power units x Maximum power of unit  4x132kW
 Maximum conveyor length  700m
Belt type belt of permissible type; of a class adapted to specific conditions of structure
Belt connection vulcanised according to belt producer’s instructions
Length of tape stored acc. to data of tensioning station used
Incline of conveyor route – 16°/+18°