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Repair of construction and agricultural machinery

Repair of construction and agricultural machinery

We provide comprehensive repair services for construction, agricultural, road and municipal machinery (mechanical, electrical,
repair of hydraulic and pneumatic elements).
The scope of our services includes repairs of drive systems, steering systems, repair of track mechanisms and reducers
driving, decelerating, repairing excavator buckets, arms, covers, repairing truck trailers and much more.

What machines do we repair?

  • Road rollers
  • Soil stabilizers
  • Excavators
  • Backhoe loader
  • Bulldozers
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Road machines
  • Municipal machines

All the above-mentioned devices are complex mechanisms with a complicated structure. The efficiency of all components and systems is responsible for the correct and safe operation of each of them. Along with the increasing service life, individual elements may wear out, gradually deteriorating the quality and efficiency of the device. As a result, her work may not meet basic quality criteria and will need to be improved. This, of course, generates additional, unnecessary costs. It should also not be forgotten that inoperative machines pose a threat to their operators and bystanders. To prevent this, periodic inspections are carried out and, if necessary, selected components and systems are repaired. Our company deals with the latter.

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How do we perform comprehensive machine repairs?

Many years of experience and a team of well-trained professionals allow our efficient, timely and reliable performance of all ordered repairs. They take place in our own fully equipped workshops, which gives us freedom of action and independence from subcontractors. With unlimited access to all the required spare parts, we are able to restore any machine to its prime condition.

Machine overhaul

Machines delivered to us always undergo a thorough inspection, during which we check their condition and identify and describe defects and parts requiring repair.

Preparation of the cost estimate

We operate transparently and focus on a precise communication system with the client. Our repair price offers are binding and allow you to decide whether the repair should take place or not.

Machinery overhaul

After accepting the cost estimate and signing the renovation contract, we start work. The time needed to complete the entire overhaul depends on the complexity of the repair and the availability of parts.

Machine pickup

After the renovation, the machines undergo a thorough quality and efficiency control, and then they are picked up by the customer. We also provide transport of machines to the client.

What exactly are we fixing?

  • Repairs of drive systems
    Vehicle drive systems are exposed to damage due to material wear and operation in difficult conditions and under heavy loads. The failure of the drive system most often means the shutdown of the machine and costly downtime.
  • Steering system repairs
    Machines with inefficient steering systems cannot be put into use as the operator does not have full control over them. The use of machines with a faulty system may result in a serious accident, which is why a professionally carried out repair is so important.
  • Repair of track mechanisms
    Caterpillars allow the machines to work in very difficult terrain conditions, providing them with the necessary stability. The complex structure of the mechanisms means complex repair in the event of a failure. By entrusting this work to us, it will be done properly.
  • Other repairs
    In addition to the above-mentioned, we also carry out repairs and overhauls of travel reducers, reduction gears, repair of excavator buckets, arms, covers, repair of car semi-trailers and all other components that are worn or damaged. In the absence of the necessary spare parts, we are able to make them ourselves. This is one of the greatest advantages of working with our company. Where others spread their hands helplessly, we roll up our sleeves and do the hard work!
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