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Repair of cranes and forklifts

Repairs and inspections of overhead cranes and lifting devices

Suwnice oraz urządzenia dźwignicowe to urządzenia powszechnie wykorzystywane w zakładach produkcyjnych, branży stoczniowej, hutniczej, budowlanej i automotive. Odpowiadają one za transport poziomy i pionowy różnego rodzaju ładunków, zazwyczaj o dużym ciężarze. Ze względu na swój sposób działania i wykorzystanie, ich działanie wymaga maksymalnej sprawności wszystkich układów i podzespołów. Nawet najmniejsze awarie mogą doprowadzić do unieruchomienia suwnic, prowadząc do kosztownych przestojów w firmie. Aby takie sytuacje zdarzały się jak najrzadziej i trwały jak najkrócej, remont należy zlecać sprawdzonym wykonawcom.

Comprehensive service of overhead cranes, forklifts and lifting devices

We carry out maintenance, post-warranty repairs and overhauls of all kinds of overhead cranes. We also carry out maintenance and repair of forklifts, hoists, cranes, etc. devices.

What are the reviews

The frequency of device inspections is specified in the device manual, and if this is not available, it is performed on the basis of the acquired technical knowledge, standards and the visible technical condition of the device. During the inspection, all elements and subassemblies of machines are verified, checking the degree of their wear, correct operation and other parameters affecting the efficiency and safety of work.

What is maintenance

The maintenance of cranes and hoisting equipment is also referred to as service. It consists in the replacement of operating fluids, hoses and hydraulic lines as well as other elements that may be subject to wear and tear. Maintenance is a preventive measure to prevent or slow down the wear process. Regularly performed maintenance allows you to keep the devices in the best technical condition.

What is renovation

Renovation is the most complex service we perform for the above-mentioned devices. It may consist of replacing only one part or the entire subassembly. If spare parts are available on the market, renovation is relatively easy to perform. What if some parts are missing, e.g. because they are no longer produced? In this case, we are able to make them to order, based on the provided pattern or documentation.

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How do we carry out repairs and inspections of overhead cranes and lifting devices?

We have our own repair shops to repair damaged devices or components, and even add damaged spare parts if they are not available on the market. Thanks to such a rich equipment of our workshops and excellent training of employees, nothing is impossible for us. We repair cranes on site, at the client's company or individual elements after their removal in our workshop. We provide you with a number of additional services, such as disassembly, transport, subsequent inspections and periodic service. We operate in a comprehensive manner, aimed at ensuring the greatest possible reliability and availability of the device in the work of your company. To find out the prices for the overhaul of gantries, please contact our company and provide the most important information about the order - type of gantry, nature of the defect, etc. Our consultants will prepare an offer for the renovation with the current prices.

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Our employees are properly trained and have the appropriate approvals to carry out maintenance and acceptance of handling equipment, issued by the Office of Technical Inspection in Katowice. This is very important because it reduces the time needed to restart the machines, also giving the feeling of a solid and well-done job, guaranteeing the safe use of the equipment.

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