You are here: Offer Renovation of pumps, hydraulic motors, aggregates, presses, etc.

Renovation of pumps, hydraulic motors, aggregates, presses, etc.

Renovation of pumps, hydraulic motors, aggregates, presses, etc.

We provide comprehensive repair services for the above-mentioned devices

Power hydraulic aggregates

Axial piston pumps from manufacturers: REXROTH, DANFOS, KAVASAKI and others

ENERPACK type hydraulic manual pumps, etc.

Hydraulic distributors

Air motors

Hydraulic pullers - various types

Hoists and winches (mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic)

High-speed gear and piston hydraulic motors DANFOS, REXROTH, POCLAIN etc.

Low-speed hydraulic motors - gerotor DANFOS, REXROTH, POCLAIN etc.

Many other

Efficient machines are an efficient company

Each industry uses specific machines and devices. They make their work more efficient, faster and more accurate. Unfortunately, every mechanical device has it that it is exposed to smaller or bigger mechanical failures. What are they caused by? There can be many reasons for this.

Find out the causes of failure of pumps, hydraulic motors, aggregates and presses

Fatigue of the material

The devices are designed to operate reliably for a specified number of cycles or man-hours. When this limit is approaching, there is a risk of failure. How can they be prevented? Among other things, by carrying out regular service. Under the influence of loads, vibrations, temperature and humidity, the materials from which the machines are made may be weakened, thus affecting the reliability of the entire machine. The review of such a device allows you to find its weak points early and replace them with new ones.

Incorrect use

As a result of improper use of machines, they can be damaged. What is incorrect operation? It is a very broad term, which includes actions not allowed by the manufacturer - overheating of machines, operation at too high speed, use in conditions for which the machine was not designed and the lack of periodic inspections and service. Failures caused by improper operation are usually not covered by warranty repairs, so they have to be made at your own expense - e.g. in our company.

Random cases

During the use of the machines and devices, it is also not possible to exclude random cases in which they were damaged. It could be a human error or other mechanical damage that we had no influence on. Depending on the nature of such a defect, its repair may be more or less expensive, taking shorter or longer. What factors influence them? It is primarily the availability of parts - whether they can be purchased or made from scratch, as well as the degree of complexity of the machine, its location and the available processing capacity of our company.

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What can you gain by entrusting us with the renovation of your pumps and machines?

Accurate diagnosis

Each device is different and the type of malfunction may be different. Before we start repairing, we always carry out a thorough diagnostics to determine the type of fault and present a reliable repair cost estimate.

Parts availability

We work with the largest producers and distributors of machines and spare parts. If they are not available on the market, we can add the necessary elements ourselves, using our knowledge and equipment.

Warranty for repair

We provide a written guarantee for all works, which gives you a sense of security for your finances and uninterrupted production. We also fulfill orders placed by companies and individuals.

Short deadlines

We always try to offer our clients the shortest possible deadlines for repairs, seeing that shutting down machines from work means delays, financial losses and other logistic problems for them.

We look forward to working with you!

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