Our work covers:

  • Renovating parts of conveyor belts and feeder belts
  • Renovating parts of wall and face scraper conveyors
  • Renovating electric turnstiles
  • Renovating lump crushers
  • Renovating loaders and floor loaders
  • Renovating parts of suspended and floor rails
  • Renovating power hydraulics
  • Renovating different types of hoists and winches
  • Renovation of manual mining tools

Our group of companies providing complementary services has its own sandworks for cleaning metals, tools for spray metal priming, balancing machine for professional balancing of rotors and shafts for mines, power plants, etc. We have four production halls with fully equipped production lines, numerous welding posts fitted with welding semi-automatics, gas burners and welders, an extensive mechanical processing park equipped with various types and sizes of manual and digital lathes, scarifiers, slotting machines for slotting straight and slanted teeth, grinders, drills, sheet guillotines, benders and hydraulic presses.

We have our own transport base, forklift trucks and gantries. We make systematic purchases of new machines and equipment, increasing employment, and we take care of our employees’ qualifications. This influences the quality of the services provided. We also provide services in the fields of welding work, mechanical working, locksmithery, repair of mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic devices. We provide our services quickly, professionally and reliably.

Our range of services provided within regular maintenance as well as renovation is extremely broad. It is based above all on precision and efficiency of immediate action.