PIADREM Sp. z o.o. conducts business involving the manufacture and renovation of mining machinery and equipment. The company’s stable position on the mining services market testifies to the efficiency of its actions. For our company, an additional motivation to set ourselves new challenges and achieve our planned goals is the introduction of quality procedures which affect the high quality of services and production. The company’s over-riding aim is to meet the needs and expectations of customers with regard to the quality of products made and services rendered, and to continuously improve these, as well as to charge competitive prices while maintaining safety and hygiene standards among our employees.

We achieve our goal by:

  • implementing, maintaining and continuously improving the efficiency of the quality management system,
  • orienting all our employees towards customers’ needs and satisfaction,
  • our team’s commitment to fulfilling their goals through motivation and systematic training to improve awareness of quality and of workplace safety and hygiene among our employees.

We undertake to:

  • satisfy the customer’s requirements,
  • continuously improve the quality of our products and services,
  • periodically review and update our Quality Policy,
  • follow the legal requirements and other regulations which apply to us,
  • set and aim for targets concerning quality

PIADREM Sp. z o.o. assures that the Privacy Policy has been communicated to the employees in a clear way, and is followed and implemented by them.